PLURAL - Consulting and Business Intermediation

The Company was founded after a long experience in the Brazilian agribusiness, specializing in the markets of fertilizers, animal nutrition and chemical products. We have a great network of companies and contacts.



Generate value for our customers, following the company’s principles and through the search efficiency, innovative solutions and business opportunities.


Acting as a partner company in projects (organizational development, strategy, expansions, mergers & acquisitions, identification of new products) and business intermediation, generating resources and opportunities for sustainable improvement, enabling a competitive differential and market expansion.


Ethic; Respect; Trust; Cooperation; Motivation; Ambition.



Consultant in business management and business intermediation, partner and director at PLURAL.   As a consultant, has already supported the transition and integration of acquired companies with focus in the market analysis and assisting in the implementation of the strategic operation, focusing in optimizing sustainable results. As a business negotiator, has already obtained new clients for companies as well as new strategic suppliers, in order to perpetuate and allow the growth of companies.

Previously worked as an executive for the commercial and marketing areas of big fertilizing and animal nutrition companies such as Vale Fertilizantes, Bunge, Mosaic and Fertiza.  Has a long experience of sales in both B2B and B2C segments, being responsible for sales of more than US$ 1.6 Billion.  Always searching to maximize results through conciliating best portfolio strategies, process innovation and team management. Has developed a large relationship network in agribusiness.

  Adauto is graduated in Economics by PUC/SP, with an MBA in Controlling by FEA-USP.  He was president of ANDIFOS and IBRAFOS, besides being a member of the Board of both ULTRAFERTIL and ANDA.



  • Consulting activities in business management, focused in medium and long term strategies, aiming at the perpetuity and growth of the company;
  • Evaluation of the product and services portfolio, reviewing the pricing policy and recommending the adequate strategic needs;
  • Support in the implementation of cultural change, focusing in sustainable results;
  • Economic trends in the main influencing markets of this business activity;
  • Integration of new businesses, notably in terms of commercial strategy, optimizing resources and searching to gain presence in the market, efficiently and with profitability;
  • According to specific needs, presenting and doing the interface with partners and other consulting companies in the following segments: people management, training the commercial team, risk and credit management, financial management, environmental management, occupational health management.


  • Promoting the relationship between professionals and companies, assisting in the conclusion of effective business deals and opportunities;
  • Implementing a large Networking chain focused in getting new clients or new suppliers, focused in gaining more profitability;
  • Developing new opportunities of businesses not yet evaluated;
  • Assisting in the merger and acquisition processes of companies and businesses.



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